To Walk the Earth


there are those who

love the Earth,

who find beauty in forest clad hillsides

draped in morning mist, and peace where

waves crash upon a lonely shoreline


there are those who

listen to the Earth,

who hear symphonies of interconnected

existence as moths dance in twilight glow

and raindrops chime against unfurling leaves


there are those who

care for the Earth,

whose dirt covered hands encourage

new life to bloom and soils to flourish,

nursing green shoots with tender care


and there are those who

don’t love,

who don’t listen,

who don’t care,

whose hands poison and pollute

and destroy


but there are also those who

defend the Earth,

who raise voices in protest, framing fears

of future ruin within scaffolds of positive

action, dreaming of better days to come


Happy Earth Day! ๐ŸŒŽ

5 thoughts on “To Walk the Earth

  1. So true. So moving. Mother Earth was patient. She still is. She is just issuing a small warning of her power, humans are not the most important creatures by a long shot.

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  2. Lovely photos and an extremely well written and thought-provoking poem. We are all only custodians of this beautiful Earth and need to pay heed to her needs – and her warnings.

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