Spirits of the Water

laughter dances as


shimmer on water


gentle caresses

calm fears

into peaceful serenity


seductive voices


until sorrows drown


3 thoughts on “Spirits of the Water

    1. Thanks Gina. I’m glad you like it. Both of us have been away from the blog recently, working on other projects. My mum’s been writing book three of her Son’s of Kings Viking series – which is now published – and I’ve been working on articles for The Rooter, the positive environmental news website I set up with my sister last year. Occasionally I feel the need to write something different though! 😀

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      1. this is lovely news Louise, life will take us on all sorts of journeys and its wonderful to share after sometime what’s been going on in our little corners of the world. Well done to both you and mum, I always enjoyed her historical posts and your nature ones. I haven’t been writing a lot of fiction and hope I get some inspiration soon. It’s been really nice to hear and visit with you a little here. Take care and my warmest wishes to you and mum on your writing careers. Yes the need to just write will be our biggest itch!


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