Paths of Memory

misty lane.jpg

tread softly along paths

gentled by hazy memory,

strolling amidst recollections

of yesteryear’s cares

where lost loves and old pains

fade into ephemeral touches,

phantom fingers brushing

against present preoccupations


This post is for Cee’s Which Way challenge. The photos were both taken on a misty November morning on the lanes around the village.

Here are a few other pictures of the lanes in November. Don’t forget to click on the gallery to see them at a larger size.

I hope you like them.


23 thoughts on “Paths of Memory

    1. I’m glad you like them. They do look beautiful covered in frost. 🙂 There have been several mornings recently as I’ve been driving to work when I just wanted to get out of the car and take photographs!


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