All About Nature


In amongst the


the everyday,

the hither and thither

of life rushing by,

there’s no time to talk,

no time to rest,

no time…



Breathe deep.

Tilt your face to the sun;

feel the warmth on your skin.

The world will wait.

fly on cow parsley b and w 2.jpg

Listen to the

harmonies of nature’s music

as wind strummed trees

join in chorus with buzzing insects,

whilst trilling birdsong

fills the air.


All it takes is a moment.

So stop.

And breathe deep.

The world will wait.


This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. This week’s theme is It’s All About Nature. The pictures were all taken at the meadow at various times this year.

I hope you like them.


17 thoughts on “All About Nature

  1. Lovely words with striking photos – love how you captured the light in black/white.


    1. Thanks, Lena. I’ve photographed a lot of insects this summer, but that picture is my favourite out of all of them! And I was really pleased by how well it works in b&w, as well. I’m glad you like it too.:)

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  2. This post made my day and made me think about stopping and enjoying the moment with nature. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem and B&W photos from nature.


    1. Thank you, Linnea. I’m very glad you liked it. I always find taking the time to appreciate nature to be very refreshing. 🙂


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