Wordless Wednesday: Cloutie Tree

Cloutie Tree 5.jpgEvery Wednesday, all across the internet, bloggers post pictures with no words to explain them. Here is mine.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cloutie Tree

  1. Never heard of a Cloutie Tree…Must be quite a sight to see.
    Ridding the Bad…Releasing the Good…
    Please Make Me Well…Oh, If You Could. 🙂

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    • Cloutie (or Clootie) trees are places of pilgrimage and healing found in Celtic lands, generally beside a cloutie well. People dip a rag, preferably torn from near the part of their body that they wish to have healed, into the water and they tie it to the tree as an offering to whoever the well is sacred to. In ‘modern’ times this is usually a Christian saint, but originally it would have been a goddess or local nature spirit. I’m glad you like the picture, PJ. 🙂


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