FFfAW: Perfect Position

This post is for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, a challenge that asks you to write a story of 75-175 words based on the photo prompt below. This week’s prompt was provided by TJ Paris. Thank you, TJ!

Photo prompt – © TJ Paris

Perfect Position

Viordan clambered up the scaffolding with the ease of long practice, the familiar weight of his satchel on his back. His presence would pass unquestioned – no one cared about the artist’s assistant, especially when the artist himself was below being congratulated on his work.

Today the Grand Master had officially completed the final panel on the ceiling of the Imperial Palace’s great hall, bringing their long project to an end. They’d spent years perched above the bustle of the court, palace life continuing on regardless of the divinely inspired art being created overhead.

The position couldn’t have been more perfect.

He’d never expected his youthful love of painting to be of use in his adult life – though he should have realised that anything was possible when working for Intelligence. Still, the assignment had surprised him from the start. Being able to indulge his art while collecting the information his masters required was an unexpected pleasure.

Today his assignment changed.

Viordan withdrew the crossbow from his bag and lined up his perfect shot at the throne.

Word count: 175

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19 thoughts on “FFfAW: Perfect Position

  1. Absolutely brilliant short story – the set-up, the description, the characterization, and the timing are all flawless. Beautifully executed (pardon the pun)!
    So happy I saw this in my reader, Louise!

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. 🙂 I’m a bit of a perfectionist so knowing that all the polishing I’ve done to a story has paid off is always great to know. I’m very glad you enjoyed it.

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    1. Thank you, PJ. 🙂 I’m very glad you like it. Sorry it’s so late – I don’t think I’ve ever put up a story for your prompt so late! I actually wrote this last week but it was over 200 words long and still needed a lot of work on it. Unfortunately, I was too busy sorting through the mountain of photographs for the Changing Seasons post to do it!


  2. Wonderful suspenseful take. Looks like ‘intelligence’ wants to take out the king. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Some kings of old were very bad men. But I don that the Kings replacement would be much better. Interesting the assistant had painting skills. Well written Louise 🙂


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