New Growth

I thought I’d share another gallery of the flowers blooming around the garden and village with you today. The daffodils, tulips and fruit tree blossom of previous weeks are now all gone and we move on to lots of purple and pink flowers. We have alliums, aqualegia, clematis, irises and – newly opened over the last few days – the first of the roses. Our garden is full of rose bushes so there are likely to be many more galleries of them over the coming months! I also spotted the first poppies when I was out walking so I took a couple of snaps of them too. There are pictures of several other flowers as well, though I don’t know the names of all of them.

Most of the pictures were taken on my phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S4) as I’m currently having trouble with the sensors on my proper camera. I really need to send it off for repairs. (If anyone knows of a reliable company in the UK for this, please let me know!)

I hope you like them.

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