WOW: Querulous

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Here’s my WOW for this week:



quer-u-lous (kwĕr′ə-ləs)

Part of Speech

Related Forms
Adverb: querulously
Noun: querulousness

1. inclined to make whining, peevish complaints
2. characterised by or proceeding from a complaining, fretful attitude

Word Origin
15th Century: from Latin querulus from querī to complain

bearish, bemoaning, cantankerous, captious, carping, censorious, complaining, critical, cross, deploring, discontented, dissatisfied, fault-finding, fretful, grouchy, grousing, grumbling, hard to please, irascible, irritable, lamenting, out of sorts, peevish, petulant, plaintive, ratty, snappy, sour, testy, tetchy, touchy, uptight, whining, whiny, waspish

contented, easy to please, equable, placid, uncomplaining, uncritical, undemanding

Use in a Sentence
1. Maggie’s dreaded the times when her father came to stay – a querulous old man, his entire stay consisted of a litany of complaints.

SE - Stockholm - Old Man (4890412991)
Image from Wikimedia – uploaded by CGP Grey
2. Lily’s constant crying and querulous tones had long since worn Maria’s nerves to a frazzle and she counted the minutes until the child could be returned to her mother.

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