Cee’s Which Way Challenge 2015: Week #10 – Signpost

signpost with sunburst

You follow the signposts as they lead you home through a landscape defined by a history of agricultural practice. Gravel tracks merge with tarmac lanes as dusk’s golden light caresses your senses. The trek has been long but your journey is nearly done.

This photo was very nearly included in the gallery for the Monthly Photo Challenge that I posted yesterday but, seeing as I haven’t taken part in Cee’s Which Way Challenge for a few weeks, I thought I’d save it for today instead.

I’ve also included a second photo this time, mainly because in many ways I actually prefer it to the first! The composition, with the focus on the sign and the extra detail – especially on the sign about the ploughing match – appeals to me. But I love the golden light and the sunburst on the first so it has been given pride of place. I’d love to know what everyone else thinks.

signpost with ploughing match sign



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