One-Four Challenge: March Week One

It’s the first week of march and so time for a new image for Robyn’s One-Four Challenge.

edit 1
Week One Edit

For this first edit I decided to keep it simple. First I cropped it to better showcase the tractor and boat, before brightening it slightly using the levels adjustment. I then increased the saturation and contrast. Finally I selected the driver’s face as it looked rather shadowed after the other adjustments had been made, and brightened it.

Here’s the original image for comparison:



16 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: March Week One

  1. Great job, Louise. I really like the crop and extra tweaking, it looks just as you describe, natural and cleaned up. I watched a number of tractors like this pulling fishing boats out of the water in Homer Alaska, it was quite a scene. Especially with the tide coming in 🙂

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    1. I’ve just discovered your message when looking over last week’s post, Carrie – sorry for the delay in responding! Tractors like these do make an interesting sight on the beach, don’t they? Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m very glad you like it. 🙂

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  2. Its a great shot, I like how in the original image the tyre tracks in the sand lead you up to the subject – something to consider for other crops perhaps?

    The improvements certainly help, but I can’t help feeling that the tractor needs some more lovin? The tyres and body are dark and losing detail there, and I can see that you have brightened the mans face (and possibly hand on his knee too) because they stand out so much more against his dark body – it might need a bit of delicate tweaking of exposure and shadows in those areas to help?

    I think you use LR? If so this is where the radial tool can be used to great effect – feel free to email if you need help 🙂


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have a look at some of those things for my next edit. 🙂 I didn’t actually touch the man’s hand – it already looked like that. I’ve not got LR, unfortunately, just Photosop Elements 13. If there’s a radial filter available I’ve not spotted it yet. 😀


      1. Bummer I thought you had LR, the radial tool is SO adaptable and ideal for tidying up dark patches like on your image

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      2. Since the upgrade to V5 its got really adaptable – if you are considering it, hold off for a bit because I know V6 is due to be released any day now, and that way you will only have to buy one copy!


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