Friday Fictioneers: The Journey

This is my entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s picture prompt was provided by Dawn Q. Landau. The challenge is to write a story within 100 words.

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

 The Journey

They weren’t together, her opinion was unchanged – they just happened to be travelling in the same direction. If at times they shared a meal beside the path or a philosophical chat about the significance of the journey, it was purely the passing company of the road. Every evening Rachel found shelter in a hostel and Scrap slunk off into the night.

There were too many bad memories for anything else, too many kicks and blows. Too many broken promises.

If occasionally Scrap enjoyed an ear rub, resting her head on Rachel’s knee, it was not because she was softening.

Word Count: 100

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31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Journey

  1. This is well-crafted. You’ve had me guessing until the final paragraph if this was human or dog narrating. But by the end, it’s clear.
    Poor doggie, but it looks like she’s finally found a decent human…

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  2. Such a moving story, that is actually not far from the truth! This sweet dog followed us for miles, and two days… clearly he’d had some rough times and was so happy to be treated well and with affection. Wonderful take on this prompt!

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    1. Thank you. I’m really glad you liked it. The picture of the dog, with the roughness of his coat and the distance between him and the girl really shouted at me. 🙂 This story was scribbled in my notepad yesterday when I was in the middle of writing about stone circles! It was a really good picture prompt. 😀

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  3. Well crafted story! I love reading the ones this week from the storytellers who opted for the dog’s point of view. I chose another route : ) Good story and I hope Scrap learns to trust again.

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  4. One more vote for the ambiguity from me.
    When I first thought the girl to be speaking,
    all the way past the kicks and blows phrase,
    my impression was that the girl had left home
    & was rejecting her own dog for the memories
    it carried along and despite its loyalty …

    That your piece could even offer that darker yet alternative is a sure sign of subtlety
    two thumbs up Louise, Tay.

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    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t take credit for this image – it’s the Friday Fictioneers prompt. This week’s picture was by Dawn Q. Landau. 🙂


    1. Thank you! There are so many entries in the Friday Fictioneers that it’s very easy to miss people – I know that there are lots I still haven’t seen. There definitely a connection beginning to grow between these two. Maybe by the end of their journey things will be different. 🙂


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