Among the Toadstools

toadstool sketch

Among the Toadstools

Can you hear
the lilting strains of
the music of the
drifting from within
the fey circle?
Let the melody
captivate your senses
and dance,
carried on waves
of pure enchantment
footsteps flying
in an intricate design,
as you soar along
the spiral of existence,
celebrating life and death
and every phase

ink caps sketchtoadstool line sketch

As you might be able to tell, I’m on a bit of a toadstool theme at the moment. As well as the ink cap picture I’m editing for the one-four challenge, I’m also currently working on an Enchanted Forest story about the pixies and their toadstool homes. The sketches on today’s post are all preparatory for the illustrations for the story. You can expect lots more sketches, watercolours, etc, on my blog over the next few weeks. Not to mention the story  itself – maybe several different versions of it. I hadn’t originally planned to include a poem with today’s post, just the sketches, but the words came to me whilst drawing so I thought I’d write them out. I hope you like it.


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      1. I knew you were going to say that! I actually photographed in the back garden yesterday, I completely forgot about those toadstools until I saw your post…

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