Racing through
wild garden,
free of cares,
free of worries,
impatient to reach
a time when
the wilderness
of the adult world
can be explored.

Don’t run too fast.
Don’t run too far.

The brave new
world you seek to
is populated by

Plot the path
with care
to find the life
you wish
to call your

The picture is of my nephew and was taken a few summer’s ago. He’s nearly 15 years old now and is definitely on his way into adolescence. He’s still Little Boo to me – even though I’ve not been allowed to use the ‘Little’ part of the name since he, very sternly, told me at age 5 that I’d have to stop calling him that because he wasn’t little any more.

I found this picture in a folder the day after the photo101 challenge (I think it was ‘moment’) that asked us to use blur to show movement. I knew it was in my archive somewhere! This would have been posted for that day had I found it…


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