A pioneer of no-dig vegetable gardening

When you think about vegetable gardening, you probably think there’s lots of heavy digging and hard work involved. Right? Well, there’s not if you follow the advice of Charles Dowding. Since 1983, Charles Dowding has been practising the no-dig method of gardening, an approach to vegetable growing that is the reverse of the intensive, invasive techniques … More A pioneer of no-dig vegetable gardening

TLT: The Eternal Library

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge, that asks us to write three lines in response to the photo prompt. She wandered in a dream-like haze, unaware of time’s passage. The sights and scents of paper and ink filled her senses. Occasionally a text would beckon and she’d digest every word before moving on. If this was eternity, she was … More TLT: The Eternal Library