The Lost Unicorn – version 4

Snowdrop with butterfly

Chapter One

Snowdrop trotted through the forest, enjoying the fresh spring day: the new growth all around him, the flowers blooming in wild profusion beneath his hooves.  He loved to run and jump and frolic amongst the blossoms. It was fun – and fun was sometimes hard to be found amongst the stuffy elders of the herd. Read More


Meet Flissy, a Fairy of the Enchanted Forest

I wasn’t too happy with the fairies on the illustration for The Lost Unicorn – Version 3 – they were too small for me to include any detail and the picture was rather rushed. So today I thought I’d paint a slightly larger picture of Flissy, the fairy in the story.

So here you go.


I’ve also replaced the pictures on version 2 and version 3 with photographs taken in daylight. They were painted in the evening after I finished work and, because I wanted to get the posts straight up, the photos were taken in artificial light – which wasn’t the best idea. My white unicorn looked rather brown!

And now, a few words about my art.

Until a few months ago I had never really used watercolour paints and, whilst I’ve painted acrylic on canvas for several years (mainly nature scenes), my study of art ended with high school. Because of this, all my illustrations are a case of trial and error as I try to work out what works and what doesn’t. I currently have a steadily growing list of things that I need to practise (different body positions, hands and horses’ eyes for starters…).  When beginning The Storyteller’s Abode, however, I made the decision that the style of art I wanted for the children’s role-play scenery was most suited to watercolour and ink. Whether or not I made the right decision is yet to be seen! 

Any advice is very gratefully received…


The Lost Unicorn – Version 3

snowdrop and fairies

There are many different creatures that make their home in The Enchanted Forest: fairies and dragons, pixies and goblins, giants, trolls and ogres. The rarest and most beautiful creatures of all, however, are the unicorns. With long, flowing manes that shimmer like spun gold in the sunlight, coats of purest white, and elegant twists of golden horn, they are a sight to take your breath away.

This tale is about the youngest of the unicorns. Read More

The Lost Unicorn – Version 2


Many different creatures live in the Enchanted Forest but the most beautiful of all are the unicorns. With long, flowing manes that shimmer in the sunlight, coats of purest white, and elegant twists of golden horn, they are a sight to take your breath away.

The youngest of the unicorns is called Snowdrop and this is his tale.

Read More

The Lost Unicorn, Version 1

watermarked Snowdrop and his mum

Gather around.  Make sure you’re sitting comfortably and listen to the storyteller’s tale…

Read More



Daylight dims
as the wheel turns,
encroaching darkness
held at bay by
autumn’s vibrant expression,
a flame-like conflagration
painted across nature’s canvas.

Seeds settle to ground,
cradled amidst fallen leaves;
future’s promise
nurtured by yesteryear’s
A balance of life and

Time to reflect
and remember
all that passed before
as earth transitions into

Copyright © 2014 Louise Bunting

An Introduction

more scenery 001 trimmed

Welcome to Storyteller’s Abode. Come inside, take a seat, and let me tell you a story…

Join me on a journey deep into an enchanted forest. There we’ll discover a magical world of fairies and unicorns; we’ll encounter dragons, pixies and goblins. We might even have an adventure with some princesses, wizards or knights! All we have to do is let our imaginations run free.

I am a children’s entertainer of 10 years experience, living in the east of England and I am currently in the process of setting myself up in business.  The Storyteller’s Abode will be offering role-play sessions for children, with storytelling, scenery, toys and dressing up.  The stories to be told and the artwork for the scenery are all my own and one of the reasons for this blog is to share and gain feedback on them.

I have always written, though in recent years life, as it has a tendency to do, has got in the way of creativity.  This year I took the big step.  I abandoned my teacher training course midway and decided to strike out on my own, combining all the things I love most – working with children, stories and art. It was a terrifying move and I still occasionally wonder whether I did the right thing! But I am determined to make it work.

As well as writing children’s stories I also write poetry and stories for (young) adults. I add the ‘young’ here as I mainly write fantasy, which tends to be viewed as being for younger audience – though I would (and quite happily could) debate this. My blog is also a place for me to share these pieces and to, hopefully, improve my abilities to the point where I don’t cringe at the thought of other people reading them.


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