Photography 101 – Pop of Colour 2

A policeman on patrol in Hartsholme County Park


A Woman’s Fear

A frisson,
through nerve endings.
A sharp claw,
stealing your breath.
A slow spreading,
gelatinous mass
clogging your veins,
stealing away all sense
of safety.
Soon all that remains
is a nagging thought,
refusing banishment:
you’re not safe
What monsters of
lie in wait
in the shadows,
around each
twist in the path.
Like wolves,
can they smell your
burgeoning terror?
Can they hear
your heartbeat racing?
Where’s your hood,
Little Red?
Look out for
big eyes,
large hands
reaching from
Quicken footsteps to
outpace the fear.
Tell yourself
you’ll be fine.
You’ll be home soon.

Here is the second of my (belated) posts for Monday’s ‘pop of colour’ theme. You can find the first here. The sight of the policeman when I was out photographing was a very welcome one. Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe this is something that most women feel, but I’m always very nervous when I’m out and about in quiet places on my own – even in a relatively safe town like Lincoln!

As promised, here are a few more ‘pop of colour’ pictures that I quite liked, but which didn’t inspire me to poetry:

cloud 9 Jitty decorations

Photography 101 – Pop of Colour 1

play equipment
Play equipment in Hartsholme Country Park


A flare of
on the periphery
catching the eye,
drawing your attention,
incongruous amongst
autumnal mantle.
a wild bird
frozen in time
youthful exuberance
to return it,
to life.

Well, I’m a few days late with this theme so I thought I’d make up for it by giving you two different posts, each with a few other pictures that I liked but that didn’t inspire any poetry. I hope you all enjoy. The second post should follow soon 🙂

Here are the other pictures:

spiral staircase colour popped2 High Bridge in blue antique shop

Photography 101 – Architecture

Boathouse on Hartsholme Lake, Lincoln, UK



It stands
upon the water’s edge,
a remnant of a lost age
by a melancholic air,
a longing for
days past.

can you hear the echoes,
drifting down
through the years –
the carefree laughter,
the happy voices?

can you see the figures,
in the shadows –
the ladies and gentlemen
of yesteryear,
gathering in their finest

All are mere memories,
of the boathouse alone;
all are distant lives
about which we
can only


boathouse colour
Boathouse on Hartsholme Lake, Lincoln, UK, in colour

For today’s challenge I headed into Lincoln to photograph some of the architecture of the city – the castle, the cathedral, the Jews House, the Guildhall and all of the other beautiful architecture of a city that dates back to the Roman era. After several hours of snapping pictures I headed off home, only to make a spur of the moment decision to call in to Hartsholme Country Park on my way. Hmm. As you can see, it is a picture I took there that ended up being today’s photo! This is partly because it was the one that worked best in black and white, but is also because it inspired a poem, which the other’s didn’t really do.

Hartsholme Country Park lies in the middle of what is now a residential area of Lincoln and was once the site of a Victorian stately home called Hartsholme Hall. This was destroyed in 1951. There are only two remaining buildings from this time – one is the farm homestead (now the visiters’ center) and the other is the boathouse. It was built in 1881 and above the door is the Shuttleworth family crest.  It’s architecture may not be as impressive as the cathedral, but it appeals in it’s elegant simplicity.

Here are a few of today’s other pictures (in black and white, of course!):

cathedrallinesjews house


Photography 101 – Mystery

woodland path bright

Mysterious Path

Where do you
lead me,
wandering path?
Over a
through a gate.
down a dapple lit track.
What do you hide
with your
twists and turns?
How might you
hinder my

It’s a journey of a
or an hour,
or a day.
It’s a journey of a

and the destination:
a mystery.

Photography 101-Warmth


A Picture of Her

in lines of
pure golden light,
each smooth contour
in swathes of gentle
bringing warmth and
to an otherwise
remote reflection of

Today’s challenge was to capture warmth using sunlight – not really possible here as we’ve had the most overcast day we’ve had in a while! So instead I chose to photograph a wooden statue of a woman and lit it using a lamp, a torch, and a candle. I started taking the photos around lunchtime and kept taking more over the course of the afternoon until it was dark outside and only the artificial light affected the image. I tried using different ISO settings, etc, and generally played around – though please don’t ask what any of the settings were! The picture I finally settled on wasn’t as sharp as some of the others I took, but it was the one that really leapt out as being ‘warm’, so I hope you all like it.

These are a few of others that were nearly chosen:

warmth pic 1 warmth pic 2 warmth pic 3

Photography 101 – The Natural World


From Autumn

the season’s hues,
an array of
golds and browns,
with flame like hints of
brighter shades,
hearts and minds
with memories of
summer’s lost radiance

the contours of nature,
stark and elegant,
with myriad detail to
entice and enthral,
reminders of the
spiralling year
as autumn eases
into winter.

the energies shifting
from life
through death
to untapped potential,
seeds sinking into earth’s
dark womb,
awaiting the sun’s return,
and the warming touch
of a longed for

Photography 101 – Landmark

Newark Castle
Newark Castle, Newark-on-Trent, UK

Fortress, Once Mighty

Weathered masonry,
moss coated,
mottled with tendrils of
creeping ivy,
standing immovable despite
the passage of years;
regardless of the
ravages of wars,
form altered
but undestroyed.
A landmark for generations,
Gateway to the North,
standing sentinel
beside ever flowing waters.
A witness to
yet to pass.

I took quite a lot of photographs for today’s challenge and eventually whittled it down to three. The featured image suits my poem best, but the other two are better examples of the photography tip – to use the landmark as the background, with something else in the foreground – so I thought I’d include them as well.

newark castle 387 newark castle 171


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