November Madness


I’m not quite sure how I managed it but last night I hit the 50,000 target for NaNoWriMo.  Yay!

November has been an insane but wonderful month – I’ve spent pretty much every spare minute writing. Knowing that I have the bones of a novel down ‘on paper’ is such an incredible feeling . Unfortunately now I have to edit it! Currently I have lots of disjointed scenes, half of which haven’t even been placed into order. Most of them haven’t been read over since I wrote them.  Once I have read over and edited a few I’ll start to post a few excerpts…

I’d like to give a big shout out to Joy Pixley who’s been a great writing buddy, always there with support and encouragement. She hit her 50,000 words last week despite having had to take ten days out for a massive work project. I know that if that had happened to me I would never have been able to catch up. Just having my weekends eaten up by work was bad enough!

Thank you to everyone who’s dropped by to visit my Wordless Wednesday posts over the course of the month.  I’ll try to make it around everyone’s blogs now I have a little free time. Also, my apologies if you’ve left a comment that I haven’t responded to. All of the photographs I’ve posted were scheduled back in October so I’ve only really popped onto the blog to make sure they were up. I have a number of Christmas colouring pictures that I intend to work on and post over the next few weeks but hopefully I’ll soon be back to some sort of normal posting schedule.

Bye-de-byes. 🙂