Sunbeams and Evergreen

let my feet carry me out along

evergreen pathways to where

sunbeams dance amidst frosted

leaves and the earth’s promise

of rebirth lightens weary hearts

besieged by dark winter’s chill

On day 184 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out for an early morning walk. We’ve had many dull, overcast days recently, so the sight of sunlight streaming in through my window quickly drove me to leave the house.

The Millennium Walk was lovely in the morning light. There were lots of sunbursts to be caught as they burst through the trees. The evergreens trees – pine, fir, yew and holly, continue to provide greenery even with deciduous trees now mostly devoid of lesves.

I spent a little while on the bench beside the pond before heading out through the stumps into the meadow.

It wasn’t a noticeable frosty morning but there were, however, lots of frosty leaves by the bench alongside the meadow path. I couldn’t resist photographing them. By the time I left the bench the frost had all melted away.

That’s all for today. Have you been out for any early morning walks, recently? Let me know in the comments.