To Walk Through a Dream #writephoto


It’s a dream.

I know it’s a dream, but I’m unable to halt my footsteps as they carry me onwards down the path. The route I traverse is one of those tell-tale signs that I am, in fact, within a dream. One moment I’m surrounded by lush meadowland, where bees buzz amidst a profusion of colour, the next I walk through banks of heather with the sun beating down upon my shoulders and an earthy aroma filling my senses. The change from one environment to another occurs without notice. Soon I walk along a densely tree-lined way, interlaced branches latticing the path with shadows and dancing light. Then there are sand dunes stretching on in undulating waves, with long grasses swaying, and it is the smell of the ocean that draws me on. I do not know how long I walk: a minute, an hour, a day… more? Any and all are possible.

I peer ahead, seeking out the destination towards which I am travelling, but the wind begins to blow in vicious gusts, blinding me with sand, with dust, with clouds of butterflies that arise from the blossoms in swarms to cover and cocoon me. Their wings beat, creating a susurrus of noise out of which arise words. Voices descant in restless tones: eager to impart wisdom; eager to pass warning.

I awaken with their words still singing in my ears.

‘We are all bound.’

Photo prompt:

This post is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. For this challenge you are invited to write a piece of poetry or prose, of a length of your choice, using the photo prompt and / or the word prompt, which this week is ‘dream’. I used both the picture and the word as inspiration. I also used my own Weekly Word – ‘descant’ – as further inspiration. I’m a little out of practice at writing fiction, so I hope you all like it

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    1. Thank you, Shweta. I have a tendency to be a little too descriptive at times – especially when there’s no word limit – so I’m glad you liked it. πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š


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