as above, below,

as within, without,

for existence lies


within upended reflections

of tranquility,

for stillness is found when

the earth breathes air

clear of poisons,

and the greatest virus

is lulled

by solitude’s unprofitability

allowing healing energies

to flow


The daffodils are in full bloom down beside the stream. I like to visit them when out on my daily walk. I’m fortunate enough to be living once again in the nice, quiet village that I moved away from a few years ago. This means that social distancing remains relatively easy while we’re in coronavirus lockdown. There are plenty of lanes for me to wander down, though I do have a few favourite places that I keep on going back to – such as the meadow, woodland and stream. I’m also fortunate in that I’m an introvert and someone who takes quite naturally to social distancing. As long as I have stories to read, arts and crafts to enjoy, and a natural world that I can get out into, then I’m fine. If the government does decide to make the lockdown more intensive, as they’re threatening, and tell us that we can’t leave the house even for a daily walk, then that will be a different matter entirely!

I bought my little crystal ball a few years ago now, then left it untouched and forgotten in a box. I found it when sorting through things before moving house. The upside down reflections just seem to fit with the madness we’re currently going through. Balancing it on the tips of my fingers, and finding the best position for photographs, is also a pleasantly meditative experience and perfect for stilling anxiety.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well, and that whatever form of lockdown or social distancing you’re experiencing in your part of the world isn’t getting you down.

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. What a wonderful way to experience your meanders. I really must get a crystal ball!
    Much like you I love to wander by myself and I go for a walk each day (for the past eight years). I have a river, a canal, fields, woodland, and a railway close by so plenty of variety. Thank you for sharing such delightful pictures Louise.


  2. A lovely post, Louise. Your poem is delightful and I love the images through your little crystal ball! I agree that our lanes and meadow are perfect for social distancing during this awful time. 😀


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