Let’s have a plastic-free Easter (Petition)

Who doesn’t love a chocolate egg at Easter? Even if you avoid the sweet brown confection for the rest of year, indulging yourself once a year is a treat not to be missed. Unfortunately, it’s a treat that loses some of its appeal when you open the box and find it filled with plastic packaging.

The amount of plastic waste making its way into the natural environment – and in particular, the oceans – has become one of the most urgent environmental issues of out time. Not only is this plastic pollution unsightly, it is also damaging to wildlife.

The plastic around Easter eggs isn’t even a necessary addition. There are a number of eggs that you can buy now that are simply packed inside cardboard containers. But it shouldn’t be up to us, as consumers, to seek out the plastic-free alternatives.

This is why Friends of the Earth have launched a petition calling on the companies, Cadbury, Nestlé, Mars and Lindt and Thorntons, to remove all plastic packaging from their products by 2019.

Add your name to the Friends of the Earth petition calling for plastic packaging to be removed from Easter eggs by 2019.
And don’t forget to spread the word on social media. Let’s have a #PlasticFreeEaster.