Sheffield community unites for litter pick

As part of Sheffield’s big clean up project, a community group recently came together for the first time to clean up their local area. The group, including pupils from Oasis Academy Watermead, responded to a call out in their local paper about the state of a footpath near to the school, and joined together to see what they could do about the issue.

The aim of the litter pick was to clear a footpath that connects Herries Road to Barrie Crescent. This route, close to Oasis Academy Watermead, is a convenient and regularly used shortcut to local shops and other schools, but had become increasingly clogged with litter. The litter pick was organised by Sheffield newspaper, The Star, as part of their Clean Up Sheffield campaign. The state of the footpath was brought to their attention by a local resident, Steve Murfitt, who also took part in the clean up event.

As well as Mr Murfitt and seven year 3-5 pupils from Oasis Academy Watermead, the litter pick team also included teachers, reporters from The Star and representatives from Amey, the company in charge of the streets on behalf of Sheffield council. Over the course of their outing they collected an incredible 17 bags of rubbish. The litter they collected included empty crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, cans, cigarette butts, and plastic forks from a nearby chip shop.

“It’s a great example of everyone pulling together.”

Steve Murfitt, local resident

As well as a clean footpath, the event also resulted in a group of inspired and enthusiastic children. They were heard talking amongst themselves about the dangers of litter and how much of a mess it all looked. Their litter picking had put into practice the lessons they’d been learning in their classrooms about how and why they should keep the environment tidy and litter free. Their enthusiasm is a positive glimpse of the future, and shows why more children should become involved in such events. If the children of today develop a respect for their environment, less litter will clog the streets, making litter picking events such as these less necessary. residents of Sheffield have become increasingly engaged with cleaning their city over the past year. The community group, Sheffield Litter Pickers regularly shares information about the many litter picking groups around the city, and their projects and events. The Norton Water Tower Group have recently been cleaning their area, as have the locals wanting to de-plastic Heeley Wood. Coming up in April is the Sheffield Half Litter Pick, cleaning up along the route of the Sheffield Half marathon, and the River Rescue Day, litter picking at Shirtcliff Brook. The enthusiasm shown by the youngsters of Oasis Academy Watermead suggests that this engagement will continue to grow. If you’d like to join in with a Sheffield litter picking event, or find out more information about whats happening, you can check out their page of upcoming events.