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History’s enigmatic weight settles, cloak-like, upon your shoulders as you walk beneath the graceful arches. The weathered stones may be mere remnants of times past, but still they stand, elegant and proud, marking the route along which devout men once walked. As the wind dances around the columns you can almost hear the sound of male voices raised in prayerful song, their worship resonating down through the ages…

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This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is graceful.

The photo was taken at Fountain’s Abbey – the ruins of a Cistercian monastery near Ripon in North Yorkshire. The entire site, built out of richly golden sandstone, is beautiful to photograph, but I found the arched walkways running alongside the nave particularly graceful and attractive.

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  1. love the incorporation of sound in the piece , brought the stones to life. your photos and description of these place make me all the more determined to start planning my trip to UK!

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    1. Thank you, Gina. I’m glad you liked it. I always enjoy writing the descriptive pieces for with photo challenges like this – writing my usual flash fiction doesn’t really allow for much in the way of description, after all. 🙂
      There are so many beautiful sites across the UK that you’d need to have a very long trip to see everything! I know I still have a list a mile long of places I want to see, and I’ve lived here my whole life. Do let me know if you decide to visit the midlands area – it would be lovely to meet up. 😀


      1. I will keep this in mind Louise! Definitely on my bucket list. England and Scotland are at the top of it. It would be lovely to meet in person. Not so soon though, at least 2 years more till the middle kids finish college and start work then I can travel more.Thank you for being so lovely!

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    1. Thanks, Arv. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 The whole site is beautiful to photograph. Not only is there the ruins of the medieval abbey, the grounds – which were landscaped in the 18th century – contain a Jacobean Manor, a Victorian church and a deer park. It’s very easy to spend a whole day photographing there!


    1. Fountains Abbey is a beautiful place, and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. I do love looking at ruins, but I imagine the place must have been stunning before the Reformation. I’m glad you liked the post, Lynn. 🙂

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