FFfAW: A Walk in the Park

Photo Prompt –  The Storyteller’s Abode

A Walk in the Park

Jake stumbled along the familiar route, drawn to the warm light shining through his window. Home. He was nearly home. The chill air bit into his exposed arms, the thin shirt doing little to warm him, and he shivered. His thoughts skittered as his gaze caught on the trees lining the path.

This couldn’t be real. It just… couldn’t…

The last thing Jake remembered was walking in the park, Filo pulling on his lead and the scent of rhododendron blossoms filling the air. After that, nothing.

He could hear barking from inside the house. At least Filo had made it home, even if he hadn’t. His hand shook as he pushed open the door.

“Jake? Where have you been?” Lily’s arms wrapped around him, tears falling. “I thought you dead. It’s been months!”

He wanted to deny it. Surely he’d just left the house this morning. But the golden leaves on the trees told him it was true. He squeezed Lily close, unable to stop shaking.

The worst part was, he had no idea what had happened.

Word Count: 175


This post is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, run by Priceless Joy. This week’s prompt was provided by me.




12 Comments on “FFfAW: A Walk in the Park

  1. A fabulous story to a rather ho hum photo…a fun read.


  2. Now there’s a novel begging to be written Louise…..we do want to know you know….


  3. What a cliffhanger! You have left me on the edge of my seat. Great story, Louise! Hope we get to find out what happened to him.


  4. Great mysterious story and leaves so many unanswered questions. A great beginning for a novel.


  5. Ooh, ooh, alien abduction! At least they didn’t get Filo.
    Or maybe he sat down for a rest in the woods, unaware he was in a fairy ring. If so he’s lucky it was only a few months!


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