sun-kissed wings shimmer

calm affirmations exchanged

connection achieved


Yesterday morning I was sitting on a bench in the corner of the meadow, my eyes closed as I listened to the birds singing, my face tilted to the sun as I enjoyed its warmth on my skin. I was feeling incredibly relaxed and happy, and connected to the natural world. I heard a buzzing, and, opening my eyes, I saw a dragonfly hovering right in front of me. It stayed there for a long moment before darting away.

It was a beautiful experience.


Dragonflies are said to symbolise: change and transformation, adaptability, joy and lightness of being, connection to the emotional realm, and connection with nature’s spirits and the fairies realms.

I like the final one best!


elegant dancer

mercurial flight embraced

awaken to joy


All of these pictures were taken in the meadow during September. I used a couple of them on yesterday’s Changing Seasons post, but couldn’t include them all.

I hope you like them.

24 Comments on “Dragonfly

  1. Someone had a message for you….
    They are very special creatures I hold close to my heart ❤️ I actually wrote something this morning about a dragonfly experience myself 😊

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    • Thank you, Jessie. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed watching the dragonflies over the last few months – though they became a lot easier to photograph in September when they slowed down a little!

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  2. oh woooow!!! love the poems and the prose and the photos, Louise! This made me nostalgic! My childhood was so full of dragon-catching afternoons! 😀

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