First to Fall


they are the first to fall

they will not be

the last


I had hoped to post my September Changing Season’s gallery today. Unfortunately I’m not yet done with sorting through the pictures! These shots were taken earlier on in the month so I thought I’d share them and the little poem that I wrote when I took them. There are now many more conkers lying under the horse chestnut trees, but these were the first to fall.

I’ve had little time this week to do anything on the blog, so I’m sorry to everyone who’s visited and commented who I haven’t got back to. I’ll try to get around to everyone over the next week or so.


7 thoughts on “First to Fall

  1. Ah, brings me back to my school days and conker fights (which I believe have been largely banned due to health and safety now). Soak them in vinegar, bake them in the oven, anything to gain an advantage… 🙂

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    1. We all used to love collecting conkers for conker fights. We’d have trays of them sat all over the house! It’s such a shame kids nowadays don’t play. Thanks for visiting, Ali. 🙂

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