All the Time in the World

Photo Prompt – © Rachel Crowe

She’d always complained that there weren’t enough hours in the day as she dashed from task to task, her to-do list never shrinking. Then fateful words caused her world to shatter. Suddenly she had all the time she’d ever needed, but nothing could fill the interminable hours as they dragged on into an increasingly bleak future.

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales challenge.

I thought I’d leave it up to you to decide what the ‘fateful words’ are about – maybe the death of a child or a partner, the loss of a hard-worked for career, or maybe something else…

18 Comments on “All the Time in the World

  1. Great story! Sometimes we are so busy we forget to really appreciate things around us and in our lives, until….something happens to interupt our schedule that totally changes our life.

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    • Very true. Life can sometimes deal you a sideswipe that makes you reconsider a lot of things about your existence. Thanks for reading, Jessie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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    • Those are words that would definitely turn someone’s world upside down! Thanks for visiting, Ali. I plan to hop over to your blog for a read soon. 🙂 I’m still trying to catch up with everyone since my unplanned blogging break of the last few weeks!

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  2. time is funny like that Louise and I appreciate you pointing out that it can change for us so suddenly, from wanting more and not having enough and then having too much that we yearn for someone to spend it with, time….something we can never control. yet controls us….lovely 3 lines that mean so much to the reader….my second daughter leaves for college on Monday and I feel time has flown so fast and now I want more time with her before she goes but I cant and must accept that time has caught up with us….so i could even be this woman in the story but we dont have a bleak future just a quieter house till she comes home for holidays. lovely feeling when reading a piece like this

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    • Thanks, Gina. I’m very glad you found the story meaningful. I hoped when I wrote it that everyone would be able to put their own spin on it. I always find it interesting to know how different people interpret things. I hope you don’t find your daughter’s leaving for college too painful. I’ve known people who suddenly felt very adrift when their children left home – they’ve been the main focus of their life for so long that when the need to care for them is withdrawn their life feels very empty. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

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      • i still have the other 3 at home, she is the only travelling further away than the others….but she will be missed as she is the sweet and thoughtful one among the siblings. i still have work and church activities so life still goes on and as with my eldest daughter, allow her the freedom to be independent. thanks Louise for your lovely words, wisdom and comfort for me right now.

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  3. We never know the importance of time till it’s over and we never realize the worth of human beings till they’re gone.
    Powerful three lines !!

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    • Thank you, Madeeha. We all take too many things for granted, only to realise how much they meant to us once they’re gone. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. 🙂

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  4. My first thought was the death of someone close. We all bustle around like headless chickens, fretting over time and the jobs you have to do, forgetting that you have the most important things (your loved ones) already. Great, tragic little tale 🙂

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  5. The death of a loved one is definitely one of those occasions that makes people reconsider their priorities. I’m glad you enjoyed the read, Lynn. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  6. Ooh great story, Louise! Definitely makes the reader think: is having all the time in the world the most important thing? Or is the quality of the time spent more important than the quantity. Look at what your tale did, making me all philosophical 😉


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