TLT: Fruitful

Photo Prompt – © Inma Ibáñez

She’d always dreamed of a fertile union. In her youth she’d painted her lips cherry-red, desperate to attract a partner to fulfill her desires, only to be left with a sour taste as their rot spread through her life. Now her season was waning – maybe it was time to reach for the promised fruit alone.

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales challenge.

16 thoughts on “TLT: Fruitful

    1. Thanks, Shaun. Making the decision to reach for your dreams alone is never an easy one. Hopefully she’ll find happiness in her choice. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ali. 🙂 Maybe she’ll find someone once she’s stopped looking, and stopped placing all of her hopes and dreams on her ideal of a perfect relationship and family.

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