A World Filled with Hatred

rosebud with thorns

It’s hard to feel love

in a world filled with hatred.

It’s hard to feel joy

in a world filled with fear.

It’s hard to feel forgiveness

in a world filled with anger.

But we must try.


17 thoughts on “A World Filled with Hatred

  1. Yeah you’re absolutely right, we must try… I’m so sad at all the unrest in the world. I guess all we can do is care for our own local circles and networks, extend warmth and kindness to the souls that enrich our world and eliminate the negative ones as far as possible. A mindset striving to try is so important. Nice words lovely 💛❤

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    • Thank you, Imani. 🙂 I’m so glad my words touched a chord. All we can ever do is extend positivity and love in our own circles and hope it spreads. I’m a firm believer in the power of the smile – if you smile at someone they nearly always smile back, and the simple act of smiling alone can make people feel happy. 😀 People often ask me how I’m always so happy and my usual response is that I’ve set on a positive mindset and I’ve simply decided to be so! It’s not always easy when the news everyday is filled with more reports of death and destruction.

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    • Thanks, PJ. Every time I watch the news lately there seems to be more death and destruction occurring somewhere in the world. Its very depressing. The picture was taken in our garden. I knew I wanted a shot of a rosebud with thorns around it. I never thought I’d moan about the number of thornless rose bushes we have!


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