Breathe Deep

Breathe Deep

Breathe Deep

Feeling nature’s embrace, I

Breathe deep.

Cascading perfumes entwine, senses take to the sky,

Feeling nature’s embrace, I

Hear the buzzing, the singing; let it fade to a sigh,

Welcoming a serenity indigenous to sleep,

Feeling nature’s embrace, I

Breathe deep.

This is my first ever attempt at a triolet, a poetry form that intrigued me after I read one on Mandibelle’s blog last week. I  played around with a number of different poems before settling on this one – I felt the simplicity of the form offered itself well to the simplicity of the moment I was trying to capture.

A triolet consists of 8 lines and has a rhyming scheme of: AB, aA, abAB. Line 1 is repeated at 4 and 7. Line 2 is repeated at line 8. 

The photo, in case you can’t tell, was taken at the wildflower meadow.


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