FFfAW: Crisis Point

This post is for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, a challenge that asks you to write a story of 100-175 words based on the photo prompt below. This week’s picture was provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!


Photo prompt – © TJ Paris

Crisis Point

The library had always been her sanctuary, her escape from life’s hubbub – until her world had crumbled.

Frances groaned, head in hands. Tears pricked her eyes. It was a sensation she’d become too familiar with over the past year. Grief clung, shroud-like, tainting her emotions. The only things she felt with any vehemence were loss and pain.

And anger.

Every action since the day she’d cradled her son’s broken body had been driven by a need for justice. Determined, she’d sought evidence against the company whose equipment had caused her tragedy – and the man at its head.

Sometimes she wondered why she bothered.

It wasn’t as if anything she did made a difference. Nothing she’d found would prove the case against Willis. He was just too rich. Too powerful. What could a single woman do against his army of lawyers? She rubbed her aching temples.

“You can do it, Ma,” Jamie’s voice whisped. His ephemeral scent haunted her senses. She breathed deep, defeat dissipating as she embraced precious memories.

She would not let Willis win.

Word Count – 175

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17 thoughts on “FFfAW: Crisis Point

  1. as a mother who loves and adores her sons, i felt the depth of her emotion, your words touched so close to home. well done Louise! she wont give up till she has found justice for her son, very powerful story!


    • I think losing herself to the pursuit of justice is something that she is definitely in danger of. Hopefully she’ll be able to find some other happiness in her life to counterbalance it. Thanks for visiting, Ali. 🙂


  2. She sounds determined to get justice for her son , no matter what it takes or how long. When your child is a victim of wrong doing, a parent will go to extreme lengths for justice. Great story.


    • I think it might be a long and hard process – unfortunately finding justice against people with money and power is not an easy task. There are probably other people with similar grievances, though, and they might have a better chance of success if they all worked together. Thanks for visiting, Jacqueline. 🙂


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