WPC: Curve

boat by harbour wall

Protective arms reach

Offering shelter from storms

Open seas cry home

old harbour wall 2

This post is for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  This week’s theme is Curve.

The pictures were taken in Newlyn, the fishing village in Cornwall that we stayed in during our recent  holiday. Newlyn harbour has been in use since at least 1435, when the Bishop of Exeter made mention of the ‘repairing and maintaining of a certain quay or jetty for forty boats’. Nowadays the harbour is said to house the largest fishing fleet in the UK, though not all of these can fit behind the medieval harbour wall.


15 thoughts on “WPC: Curve

    1. Thanks, Cybele. 🙂 I’m glad you it -especially the poem. I like to include a bit of creative writing of some sort with my photography whenever possible. My blog keeps threatening to turn into a photography blog and it was always intended to be about the writing!

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    1. Thanks, Aquileana. 🙂 I was playing around with various ideas for this post when these pictures leapt out at me and insisted on being used! I’m very glad you like them.

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