Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Beware – Giants Sleeping!

This post is for Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

Mud Maid 3.2


You must walk on tippy-toes as you creep past the giants’ lair. Take care not to wake them. Run if you feel their stares.

Oh no…


Giant's Head

These oddball photos were taken at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a fascinating place in Cornwall that we just had to revisit during our recent holiday there. We last went to Heligan thirteen years ago and its come on a long way in the years since. The place is called the ‘Lost Gardens’ because they were created at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries but were then left to fall into ruin after the First World War. The gardens were ‘rediscovered’ in the early 1990s and the project to restore them was begun. The teams involved have done a wonderful job and it’s great to see how the place has changed since our last visit.

Here’s another picture of the Mud Maid as she sleeps in the dappled sunlight.

Mud Maid 4.2

21 Comments on “Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Beware – Giants Sleeping!

    • You should visit it – Heligan is a beautiful place. 🙂 The giants were a new addition since our last visit there 13 years ago. There are lots of different areas to walk around so you really need more than the two hours that was all we had time for before the place closed – we’d already realised around Tintagel that day!

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