Six on the Sixth: March

It’s a day late but this post is for Adam Icke’s Six on the Sixth Challenge. For this challenge we are given six prompts and are asked to write between six and ten six word stories on the sixth of the month. I’ve written one story for each prompt and whilst each can be read alone hopefully they also all fit together to show glimpses of an otherworldly encounter.


Eery calls echo through his mind.


Figures emerge, silhouetted against the light.


Mark approved, the door swings open.


Racing heart competes with beating drum.


Swathes of wildflowers underfoot, he approaches.


Entranced, world shifting, he’s carried away.

15 thoughts on “Six on the Sixth: March

  1. Beautiful. I don’t know how you do it but you have really excelled at this prompt. The story flows quite nicely!

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      1. I’ve got to pay around with these writing prompts again. By the way, it was theblogpropellant that has the prompts I was looking for. Thanks.

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