MWC: Freedom

This post is for Baheya’s Miniature Writing Challenge. This week’s prompt is Freedom. For this challenge you are asked to write either an ultra short story (50-150 words), a haiku or a little poem. This week I decided to share a poem.

Image supplied by Baheya


in a churning morass
of fear,
spiralling ever deeper.
Not as good;
never as good
as everyone,
who went before.

What’s the point in trying?
You’ll never succeed.

Assume a brave face.
Tell yourself
again and again,
say it until you
believe it

you are good enough.

There are no chains to
hold you down:
the world is full of

I wrote the first version of this poem a few years ago now and its been languishing in a folder on my computer ever since. After seeing the prompt for this week’s Miniature Writing Challenge I decided to resurrect it.

Writer’s block is something that I’ve battled with a lot over the years. It was only starting the blog and discovering flash fiction that really enabled me to move completely past it. I could write the occasional children’s story or poem, I could express myself creatively through painting, but trying to write the more grown up fiction that I love just left me staring at a blank screen thinking ‘why on Earth am I even trying – nothing I write will ever be good enough’.

I’m determined not to be imprisoned by such negativity any longer.


11 Comments on “MWC: Freedom

    • I’ve still got quite a lot of things hiding on my computer but I’ve been trying to post as much as I can on my blog. Blogging has really helped me to combat the writer’s block and self-doubt. Thanks for visiting and for the kind comment.

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  1. I know exactly how it feels… And it’s being pretty strong lately 😦


  2. Such a beautiful and inspirational poem, dear Louise… the last stanza perfectly fits the image above… thanks for sharing… All my best wishes. Aquileana 🙂


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