FFfAW: The Gathering

This post is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge, run by Priceless Joy. After being absent for the whole of November with NaNo I couldn’t resist diving back in – I’ve missed the community on the challenge too much not to! This week’s photo prompt was from pixabay. The challenge is that you write a story of 75-175 words inspired by the picture prompt below. I hope you like it.

Photo Prompt - from pixabay
Photo Prompt – from pixabay

 The Gathering

The people of the plains knew that when the lights appeared the time of the gathering was upon them. Word spread, carrying like the warm breeze through the long blades of grass.

All paths turned towards the Heart of the World.

The multihued city of tents stretched for miles as the tribes came together, a massive settlement springing into existence across land left empty at all other times. Old friendships were renewed whilst strangers mingled, sharing salt and forging new alliances. Soon the scent of roasting bison began to drift from the fires where the feast was being prepared.

Acorena joined the other younglings in their celebrations, dancing beneath the towers that glowed in eerie splendour, her feet flying and body swaying in time to the unearthly melodies that sounded. Excited laughter filled the air. Anticipation thrummed an earthy beat. She waited, praying to the Lord and Lady that she would hear the summons.

At each gathering only a few would be Chosen. This time, maybe, just maybe, it would be her…

Word Count: 172



I’ve only recently heard the tragic news about Barbara Beacham, the lovely host of Monday’s Finish the Story flash fiction challenge, who sadly lost her battle with cancer last month. She will be missed. Rest in peace, Barbara.

25 thoughts on “FFfAW: The Gathering

  1. I can feel the happiness and celebration in this piece Louise, it is wonderful! I wonder, what is she wanting to be chosen for? Leaves it open ended. Love the suspense. Great story! It is so nice to have you back. I was excited when I saw your pingback/link! Yes, we sadly lost Barbara with Monday’s Finish the Story. She certainly will be missed by many!


  2. It appears to be a wonderful celebration and the renewal and making of old friendships. The line about her hoping the Lord and Lady picked her had me a bit worried though. What would she have to do? If you’ve watched The Hunger Games we all know getting picked for something special is not always a good thing. Great story. I can picture it well.


    1. I’m glad you liked it, Sonya. 🙂 I think being Chosen is quite a mysterious event – I’m not sure whether any of the people really know what happens afterwards…

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  3. Welcome back, Louise. Hope the book is progressing to your liking.
    My-oh-my! I see a small world, a future world, but chosen to be: what? Scary story with a celebratory flavor. I can’t make up my mind. Lordy! You write so well and pack each word with visions that explode with possibilities….I love it. But, I am worried about her wish to be “Chosen.”

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    1. Thank you, Frank. It’s good to be back – though real life keeps intruding! My book is progressing well, thanks. I hit the 50,000 word target with NaNo and now have lots of editing to do to knock it into shape. 🙂
      I’m really glad you enjoyed the story. It felt good to write flash fiction again. I’m not sure being ‘Chosen’ is a good thing either…

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