New Growth – July

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to put together a gallery of pictures showing the plants and flowers growing in my little corner of the world – summer weekends for a children’s entertainer are a little busy! I have, however, been taking pictures quite regularly so I thought it was about time to share them all with you. As my good camera is currently (finally) at the repair center, these pictures were mainly taken on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, with a few on my sister’s camera, a Fujifilm Finepix S.

First there’s the pictures taken around my garden. We have lots of pots and baskets, all now overflowing with fuschias, lobelia and geraniums. Here are a few pictures of them:

Here are some close ups of the fuschias:

and of the geraniums:

There are also lots of lovely blooms in the flower beds – in particular the dahlias:

There are also snapdragons, hebe, roses and various others that I’m not entirely certain the names of…

There are, of course, other things growing in the garden as well as flowers:

I’ve not just been taking pictures in my garden, however – I’ve also taken lots of pictures of the flowers growing wild around the local lanes.  Here’s a few general views:

And a few individual flowers:

I had planned to tag and link this to a blogger who  was beginning a series of ‘flowers on flowers’ posts. Unfortunately, I now can’t remember who this was! If anyone happens to know which blog this was, please do let me know. :EDIT: I’ve now discovered who this is! Nalinki from Angles and Views has begun a weekly photo challenge with the tag #flowersoverflowers. I might just have to make my flower posts a weekly, rather than a monthly, thing – although, maybe with a few less pictures!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking at the flowers themselves. I’d love to know what you all think.

19 thoughts on “New Growth – July

    1. They’re a lovely flower, and really prolific at the moment. Unfortunately they tend to grow behind a bank of nettles which makes them really hard to get close to to photograph! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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    1. We’re back to sunny day up here, now (for a little while, at least) but unfortunately its also really windy which makes taking pictures of flowers really hard!

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    1. Fuschias have always been one of my favourite flowers. I love that they look like little ballerinas! I’m quite tempted to do some pictures of fairies and things based on their forms. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


  1. As you often comment on my Travel blog (thank you) I thought it was only polite to have a look at yours (sorry I haven’t been over before, I keep meaning to visit bloggers and then run out of time!) anyway, I was drawn to this post as I am an avid flower photographer as well as the travel stuff 🙂 Your photos are very good – fuchsias are doing well this year but I find them always so difficult to photograph. And I am a pelargonium addict too, and though I only have a small patio and steps to the house, I do have several pots of pelargoniums and fuchsias. I also like photographing wild flowers too 😀
    Jude xx
    I shall go visit the flower challenge blog now to see what that is about 🙂


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