WOW: Ululate

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Here’s my WOW for this week:



ul-u-late /uhl-yuh-leyt

Part of Speech

Related Forms
Verbs: ululated, ululating
Adjective: ululant
Noun: ululation

1. to howl or hoot, as a dog or an owl.
2. to utter shrill, wordless lamentations;wail.

Word Origin
First recorded use 1615-25 – from Latin ululātus past participle of ululār, meaning to howl / shriek – thought to be of imitative origin – connection with ulula, meaning ‘screech owl’.

1) bawl, bay, howl, lament, moan, wail,  yowl

2) cry, keen, lament, shriek, shout

be quiet, whimper

Use in a Sentence
1) Gathered in the darkening woodland, the group ululate in joyous imitation of the wolf.

A group of children and adults at night
Image from Wikimedia – by By Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2) Those gathered at the graveside expressed their grief in a symphony of mournful ululation.

A group of Greek women lamenting and mourning the dead at a Wellcome V0042323
A group of Greek women lamenting and mourning the dead

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