Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #6 May

This post is for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly blogging event The Changing Seasons. He asks that you post a gallery of between 10 and 20 photos for each month, all taken in an area near to you. Over the course of the year we’ll get to see the  landscape changing. The area that I’ve chosen to focus on is the village in which I live and the surrounding lanes and footpaths. This is on the Nottinghamshire-Lincolnshire border in the UK. Here are the pictures I took during May.

I’ve stayed away from the oil-seed rape fields this month and focussed more on the sights around the back lane of the village (or Plot Lane, as its actually called). Along this stretch it’s quite noticeable that last month’s explosion of yellow has mostly faded. There are a few patches of buttercups and the occasional dandelion still in flower, but white has become the dominant shade. The dandelions have turned to seed and cow-parsley has filled the verges.

The photos in this gallery have been taken using several different cameras. I started out using my Canon Eos 1300D but had to abandon that mid-month – I really need to send it off for servicing. I think there’s a problem with the sensors. All I seem to be able to get is a black image with a few areas shaded grey! After that I used an old point and shoot and my phone camera. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took weren’t really worth using. I’ve also not been out quite as much this month as the weather has been really wet and windy which doesn’t make for pleasant walks. Hopefully next month will be better – especially as my sister has offered me the use of her camera while mine is being sorted out. Yay!

If you want to check out some of the previous month’s galleries, here are the links:




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    1. So do I – I hadn’t realised just how bad the quality of the photos from the point and shoot camera were until I had to use it again! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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  1. Lovely country scenes.Cow parsley seems to be doing very well this year. I love the frothy hedgerows! Hope your camera gets fixed. I had an upset with mine, when I came to download the photos off the card it had an error and I lost them all! Luckily I was able to go back and take some more, but now I don’t trust the camera :-/


  2. Obviously having a senior moment! Having said I haven’t visited your site, I had a sudden thought that maybe I had! And then discovered you are part of the Season Challenge! Did you not do one for July? Anyway, hello again from me xx


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