Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons #5 April

This post is for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly blogging event The Changing Seasons. He asks that you post a gallery of between 10 and 20 photos for each month, all taken in an area near to you. Over the course of the year we’ll get to see the  landscape changing. The area that I’ve chosen to focus on is the village in which I live and the surrounding lanes and footpaths. This is on the Nottinghamshire-Lincolnshire border in the UK. Here are the pictures I took during April.

After last month’s gallery of very brown pictures, for April we have lots of  green, yellow and blue as nature truly awakened. Trees began coming into leaf and spring flowers blossomed all around the village in a joyous explosion of colour. It was a beautiful month. Whilst the daffodils and dandelions have been quite prolific in places, the most noticeable yellows are the fields of oilseed rape. Over the last 50 years this crop has become very common around the UK. To me, its bright yellow flowers have always been a part of the local landscape. My parents, however, remember a time when it was practically unknown – they’re not too impressed by it’s current abundance.

As well as some gorgeous blue skies, April also featured the blooming of my favourite flower – the bluebell. I’ve shared a number of pictures of these on my ‘new growth’ posts (here and here) but had to also include some in the monthly gallery.

Last month there were a number of pictures that I referred to as simply showing ‘freshly ploughed fields’. This month I’ve learnt that many of these (the ones with the most pronounced ruts) are actually potato sets. They’re all still very brown. It seems that potato and oilseed rape are the two main crops around here this year! Here are the links to the galleries from previous months.







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    1. Thank you, Desley! They are an impressive sight. 🙂 And with it being so flat around here in some places the yellow fields seem to stretch for miles. Thanks for visiting.

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