Word of the Week (WOW): Gargantuan


This post is in response to Heena Rathore P.’s Word of the Week (WOW). This weekly meme is a great way of improving your vocabulary.  If you wish to participate, simply create a post with your word and leave a link in a comment on Heena’s WOW post.

Here’s my WOW for this week:



Part of Speech

comparative: more gargantuan
superlative: most gargantuan

gar-gan-tu-an (gär-găn′cho͞o-ən)

1) Of immense size, extent, or quantity
2) Of exceedingly great scope or nature

Some people think that gargantuan should only be used to describe things connected with food – a gargantuan meal or appetite.

big, collosal, elephantine, enormous, giant, gigantic, ginormous, humungous, huge, immense, jumbo, large, leviathan, mammoth, massive, monstrous, monumental, prodigious, titanic, towering, tremendous, vast, whopping

insignificant, little, miniature, miniscule, minute, small, teeny, tiny, unimportant,

Word Origin
1585-95 – From Gargantua, a giant with a large mouth and huge appetite in Rabelais’s The Inestimable Life of Gargantua. Name possibly from the Spanish/Portuguese garganta, meaning gullet / throat.

Use in a Sentence

1) The restaurant boasted the most gargantuan ice-cream sundaes in the whole universe; it was at the top of her list of places to visit.


2)The bones were more gargantuan than any Dr Cooper had ever seen before. He knew this dinosaur was something special.Elmisaur_ROM

3) The whole of the theatre group had made a gargantuan effort in bringing the production together.800px-The_Cast


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