One-Four Challenge: January Week 3


This is my entry for January week 3 of Robyn G’s One-Four Challenge, which asks that you edit the same picture in four different ways over four weeks.

To begin with this picture was again edited on PicMonkey. First I increased the shadows, highlights and contrast and added a faint green cross-process. I then slightly darkened the edges and added a touch of radiance. I then opened it in Photoshop Elements where I brightened it and shifted the hue very slightly.

I’ve actually been unsure whether or not to use this edit, mainly because it’s so very dark. There were several times when I nearly scrapped it completely and started again from scratch. But I really wanted the ink caps to shine against the background, so darkening it was kind of necessary… In the end I thought I’d go with it, but I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

For comparison, here is my original photograph and the two previous edits:

ink caps
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2

A couple more facts about the common ink cap:

  • Its Latin name is Coprinopsis atramentaria – not to be confused with Coprinus comatus, the shaggy ink cap, or Coprinus micaceus, the glistening ink cap.
  • In Britain and Ireland they grow from May to November and can be found in a variety of habitats, including: grassland, meadows and open terrain. It is also particularly common in vacant lots due to its liking of disturbed ground.
  • It gets its name because when the gills of the ink cap turn black they deliquesce, turning into a black liquid that can be used as ink.
  • To create ink from ink cap mushrooms leave the picked mushrooms in a jar for a few days until they are completely liquefied. This can be a smelly process.

To find out more you can go here, or here.

18 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: January Week 3

  1. Lovely focus on the centre mushrooms, but it does look quite dark. I lean towards the light version in the 2 previous weeks. But that’s just me.


  2. Nice … I don’t mind the darkness of the process, it suggests a story … and thanks for the instructions of making ink … I’ve always been fascinated with the idea (so far the idea) of making ink from natural products. Lovely post!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve never actually tried making the ink myself either, but I plan to have a go when I next spot any ink caps growing. Making things out of natural products has always been an interest of mine. 🙂

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  3. I like what you have done with this weeks process, and I don’t mind the darkness so much as the fact its uneven, ie its quite dark on the first third on the left and then the bright focal spot in the rest of the image. My brain is wired funny that way 🙂

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      1. *nods* yes I know how it can get when you get so immersed in what you are doing, that you lose the ability to have outside perspective – thats why this sort of challenge can be really valuable in getting external feedback that can help 🙂

        What I commented on isnt wrong at all, its a perfectly valid stylistic choice, I personally found it a bit unbalanced, thats all 🙂

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  4. I am in love with your ink caps, they are such a wonderful subject. I use PicMoneky, too and I know how adding a dark vignette might cause some problems. I think you should check out PixlrExpress, there is a bigger selection of vignettes there. You can add a touch of darkness only on one side or in one corner and I think that would work better for what you had in mind for this image. Hope you don’t mind my comment.

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    1. I don’t mind at all! Any advise is gratefully received. I’m a newbie at photo-editing so I’m still trying to get my head around all the different things you can do. That’s why I’m enjoying this challenge so much – it’s giving me a chance to explore and experiment and to receive feedback. Thank you for a lovely (and helpful) comment. 🙂

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