One-Four Challenge: January Week 2

toadstools2 edit 3

Here’s my entry for January week 2 of Robyn’s One Four Challenge, which asks you to edit the same picture in four different ways over a month.

For this week’s edit I used the online photo-edit site, PicMonkey. I increased both shadows and highlights before desaturating the picture to full black and white. To finish off, I also darkened the edges.

If you’d like to see last week’s edit, go here.

I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

I thought I’d also pass on a few little facts I’ve discovered about ink caps that I’ve discovered this week.

  • They are actually mushrooms, not toadstools, as they are (generally) edible.
  • To be eaten they should be picked when the gills are white.
  • They should not be consumed within three days of alcohol as the combination has an adverse affect, including: reddening of the face, nausea, vomiting, malaise, agitation and tingling limbs. At its very worst it can cause heart attacks. This led to the common name of Tippler’s Bane.
  • It has a completely non-poisonous cousin, the shaggy ink cap.
  • It is very strong, able to push its way even through asphalt.

To find out more you can go here, here or here.

I’ll have a few more facts about ink caps next week!

13 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: January Week 2

  1. Love these in black and white!
    Would you be able to include the previous edits next time, so we can see the differences in each one? It’s such a cool idea, this challenge 😊


  2. Nice job, its a lovely photo and it looks great in BW. My personal preference would have been for a slightly brighter tone to the image, the dark bit at the bottom RH corner is quite dark and heavy and detracts from the subject a bit, but I don’t know how much control you have over that with the software you use, and as I say, its a personal preference, and yours may well be for the darker look 🙂 And there are bright highlights on the top that you may have lost with a different process too.

    Interesting facts, Im surprised they can break ashphalt!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know what other people like/dislike. I did actually have quite a few different versions of this edit, with varying levels of darkness. I eventually decided on this one mainly because I liked the way the ink caps popped against the background. As you said, it is probably a matter of personal preference. 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the facts – I found them quite fascinating to look up. 😀


    1. Thanks. I’ve had great fun playing around with the picture trying to decide on my edits. And I found the facts too interesting not to share! 🙂


    1. I’ve only recently started exploring photo editing at all, so I’m still trying out all the different ones. As a beginner I quite like PicMonkey – it’s very easy to use. 🙂 I only have Photoshop Elements on my computer and the black and white version on PicMonkey was much better than anything I could get from that. Thanks for commenting!

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