Littleheath Woods: Croydon’s hidden green haven

It’s easy to think of a town or city and to picture a grey, lifeless area, covered in concrete, and absent of trees and plants. This may be the case for some places, but not Croydon. This large town in South London has a number of green spaces encapsulated within its urban sprawl. One of these is Littleheath … More Littleheath Woods: Croydon’s hidden green haven

A million trees for Moldova

Grassroots environmental groups in Moldova are working to reverse the effects of deforestation by increasing the country’s urban forest. Between the nineteenth and the end of the twentieth century, Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, lost nearly 20% of its forest, reducing its forest cover to only 12%. This lack of trees makes it one of … More A million trees for Moldova

Take a walk in Griffin Wood

Beside the M62, in Merseyside, is a 12-hectare woodland called Griffin Wood. Despite the hum of traffic from the nearby motorway, Griffin Wood is a beautiful place to take a walk on a sunny afternoon. The road’s proximity hasn’t deterred the local wildlife from claiming their habitats. Birds sing, squirrels scurry along branches, and small … More Take a walk in Griffin Wood