Weekly Word: Caustic

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Part of Speech

Adjective and noun

Related Words

  • caustical (adjective)
  • caustically (adverb)
  • causticity (noun)


UK /ˈkɔː.stɪk/ 

US /ˈkɑː.stɪk/



  1. able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action
  2. sarcastic in a scathing and bitter way
  3. in physicsformed by the intersection of reflected or refracted parallel rays from a curved surface.
  1. a caustic substance
  2. in physics – a caustic surface or curve.

Word Origin

First recorded use in 14th century. From the Latin causticus, derived from the Greek kaustikos, from kaiein, meaning “to burn.”


  1. corrosive · corroding · mordant · acid · alkaline · burning · stinging · acrid · harsh · destructive
  2. sarcastic · cutting · biting · mordant · stinging · sharp · scathing

Use in a Sentence

  1. As she sat in the A&E with her arm wrapped in bandages, Helen really wished that she’d paid more attention during the training session on the correct handling of the many caustic substances in the facility’s cleaning cupboard.
  2. His caustic comments had driven them all away and left him in blissful solitude, with no more money-grubbing relatives attempting to worm their way into his will.
  3. The response to her innocent question had been delivered so caustically that Emilie had barely lifted her gaze from her books for the rest of the session, never mind made any further enquiries of her tutor.



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