Cee’s B&W Challenge: Store Front Signs

Vintage Shop 2 b&w_FotoSketcher

The New Store

Edith’s footsteps halted as she caught sight of the shop front with its jumbled array of items. How strange, she thought. She’d strolled down this road with her beau just last Sunday and was sure that no such establishment had been in existence then. Nor had she heard that a new shop was opening – and such news was always fodder for gossip at WI meetings.

Frowning in puzzlement, Edith moved closer.

The place didn’t appear to have been open only a short time. Surely it took years to accumulate that amount of clutter? Outside the store baskets and boxes competed for place with stacks of plates and fancy tea sets. The shelves within were filled to the point of bursting with items that ranged from the everyday to the frankly bizarre. 

Edith’s gaze fell upon a familiar bundle. Her frown deepened. A blanket, haphazardly folded, filled one of the baskets, it’s fringe lolling indolently over the wicker rim. She brushed unsteady fingers over the soft wool before lifting the item free. She knew what pattern she’d see even before it unfurled.

After all, she’d only just finished knitting it last night.

This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. This week’s theme is store front signs. 

Here are a couple of other pictures:

As I’ve mentioned to a few people I’m taking part in Camp Nano again this month so I won’t be on the blog quite as much as I usually am. The project I’m working on this time is my flash fiction collection – I‘m writing a few new stories as well as lengthening and editing a selection of the stories I’ve written over the last eighteen months.

If anyone remembers a flash they’d particularly like to see lengthened, please let me know. 🙂

I am hoping, though, to post at least a couple of times each week with photography challenge posts. Occasionally I may share something (or part of something) that I’ve written for Camp Nano – like today’s piece. One thing I won’t be doing unfortunately is taking part in any flash fiction challenges, though the images from them might be added to my story prompt folder. 

The story I’ve shared today is the beginning of a longer piece that I’m working on. I’m very curious to know what people think might be going on…

12 thoughts on “Cee’s B&W Challenge: Store Front Signs

  1. Love the photo, Louise! It looks like an interesting store! And, I love your story! I was a bit baffled at what was going on and decided that maybe it is about bits and pieces of Edith’s life. I will certainly miss you participating in FFfAW but hope you will return once you get the time again.


    1. Thank you, Chioma. 🙂 Yours are interesting theories. I’m actually working on two different versions of this – one fantasy, the other not. I couldn’t decide which way to take it!

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