Cee’s B&W Challenge: Steps

This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. This week’s theme is: steps – inside or out.

Tintagel Steps 1.3

The steps stretch before you in a seemingly endless trail up the cliffside and you curse your decision to make the trip, your legs aching from the strain. The steep drop alongside the path is enough to make you grip the rail tightly as vertigo sets your senses spinning. You shift your gaze resolutely ahead, focussing on the crumbling stonework barely visible at the summit. The climb you’re undertaking might be a nightmare brought into reality but the promise of ancient ruins, their fabric woven through with tales of magic and mystery, gives you the strength to push onwards. 

The views will be worth it, you tell yourself.

You just hope it’s true.

These pictures were all taken around Tintagel Castle, a place that you have to climb far too many steps to get to!  I have to say that the views were definitely worth it.

Tintagel is most well known for it’s connection to the legends of King Arthur. This link dates back to the 12th century when Geoffrey of Monmouth named it as the place of Arthur’s conception. The legend says that the wizard Merlin used his magic to disguise Uther Pendragon as Gorlois, King of Cornwall. This allowed Uther to sneak into Tintagel and into the bedchamber of Gorlois’ wife, Igraine, and Arthur was conceived.



13 thoughts on “Cee’s B&W Challenge: Steps

  1. It does look challenging! But, from what I see in the photos, I believe I would take on the challenge. Great photo for this prompt! 🙂


  2. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to visit Tintagel as I’m a big fan of Arthurian myth and legend. (Reading Le Morte D’Arthur right now, actually.) Your pictures and words are really magical.


  3. Wow! Amazing! That is a whole lot of steps to have to climb but it definitely looks worth it! I love the story of King Arthur being conceived in this castle and how it came to be.

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    1. Thanks, PJ. It’s an incredible place but by the time we’d finished walking around I never wanted to see another step again! I’ve always loved the stories of King Arthur. 🙂


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