Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s prompt is optimistic.

January Daffodil


warm sun remains,

dispelling bleak darkness,

setting winter to memory.


We’re having a very weird, wet, windy yet warm winter over here in England. Daffodils in January. Need I say more?

The picture above I actually took right at the beginning of January – it was the first of the daffodils to open. We now have a few more little clumps around the garden so I thought I’d snap another picture today. Unfortunately they’re rather windblown!

windblown daffodils

The poem, in case anyone is curious, is my first ever attempt at a cinquain.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

      1. I love daffodils…especially the color. I always think back when I was old enough to cut the grass and I mowed a patch of them down (this was before they bloomed) thinking they were weeds! My mother was mortified! But, being the hardy flower that they are…they grew back and were beautiful.

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      2. They’re a beautiful flower and very hardy, though we had one year where a lot of them came through ‘blind’ and didn’t flower at all! The garden looked very bare. My dad never let any of us help out in the garden when we were younger – I think he could probably picture us mowing down all of his flowers. 🙂

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      1. Wow! That is really awesome! It has been especially cold and snowy here (not lots of snow, but a little a lot of different times). Today, it is beautiful, probably high 50’s or low 60’s.

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      2. The warmth here would be nice if it was coupled with pleasant weather – unfortunately its been wet and windy pretty much constantly! It’s not made me want to get out and about photographing. We’ve only had a very light sprinkling of snow and, whilst I’d like to get some nice wintry pictures, if the cold suddenly descended now it would kill a lot of the early growth.


      3. Well darn! That sure rains on the parade! (Rain and wind). I agree with you – should winter weather come it will kill the early blooms. Maybe this year the only winter weather you will have is the rain and wind.

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