To Walk Among The Grave Stones

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I have always loved walking around graveyards. Now, your first reaction to this may be to think how very morbid, but whilst there may be a slight element of this, it is not really the case. Growing up in the middle of a busy town, one of the few places where we could go for walks away from the traffic and the monotonous sights of man-made structures, was the sprawling, tree-filled expanse of the nearby Polish War Cemetery.

When I was very small it was just a safe place to burn off excess energy – as long as we didn’t run over the graves or disturb any mourners (this respect was always drummed into us). As I grew older, however, I began to look at the gravestones themselves and I began to wonder about the people buried there.

I now live in a village with only a small graveyard around the church, but I still like to wander among the graves, read the worn writing and wonder.

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Who were they?
What did they do during their lives?
Who did they love?
Who did they hate?
Who mourned at their passing?
Who celebrated their lives?

All I ever have are unanswered questions and my own imaginings, but I am happy with this. Maybe someday I’ll look into some of the names I find on the stones – the historian side of me whispers of local archives and family histories – but I think that if I ever start to look into any family history, I probably ought to make it my own!


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  1. I have always loved graveyards – I too wonder about the people buried their. I love the silence of the space and it always brings me peace. I especially love the monuments of angels.

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