Weekly Word: Gibberish


It’s that time of week again where I share a word that I find interesting.

This week’s Weekly Word is: gibberish


Part of Speech



jib-er-ish / ji-buh-ruhsh / ˈdʒɪb.ə.rɪŋ


  1. technical, esoteric, pretensious or needlessly obscure language, marked by abstractions, euphemisms, circulocutions and jargon
  2. foolish, confused or meaningless language
  3. rapid, unintelligible chatter

Word Origin

First recorded use, 1554; probably from gibber


  1. babble, blabber, blah, blah-blah, burble, cackle, chatter, clack, clatter, double Dutch, double-talk, drivel, gab, gabble, gibber, gibber-jabber, hocus-pocus, hokeypokey, jabber, mumbo jumbo, nonsense, patter, prate, prattle, tattle, twaddle, twitter
  2. a crock (of shit), idiom, babble, balderdash, balls, baloney, bilge, blather, bollocks, doublespeak, drivel, eyewash, flapdoodle, garbage, generality, mumbo jumbo, nonsense, nonsensical, piffle, poppycock, rhubarb


articulation, articulateness, comprehensibility, conspicuousness, definition, diction, elocution, eloquence, fluency, smart reply, sense, logic, meaningfulness, pearls of wisdom, intelligence, intellect, gift of gab, directness, simplicity, transparency

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Use the Word

  1. Gregory had expected the talk to be interesting and informative, but Dr Michaels speech was so filled with waffle and technical jargon that it was pure gibberish to his ears.
  2. She was cursed. She was sure of it. Whenever Jenny really wanted to make a good impression on someone, all she seemed capable of producing was gibberish.
  3. Incredibly, the pair of them actually seemed to be able to understand each other despite their rapid chatter sounding like nothing but gibberish to their mother.


If you would like to join in with this activity in any way, feel free to do so. You could either share a Weekly Word of your own – this week beginning with the letter G – or you could use my word, or Millie Thom’s, as inspiration for a post. This could be a piece of poetry, flash fiction, or any form of prose you choose. Just share a link in the comments so we can see what you’ve been up to!

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